quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2009


Bioenergetic Screening

The Asyra AT3 bioenergetic screening and digital homeopathics imprinting system, from NutriVital Health could help you…

* Perform full electronic health analyses in less than 60 seconds

* Identify health challenges at their root and match treatment plans

* Improve your patient compliance and success rates

* Boost your business and add to your revenues

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Energy medicine is growing in popularity, but it is far from new. Bioenergetic Medicine theory is based on the time-tested principals of ancient Chinese medicine and bioenergetic technology is the coming together of advanced scientific and technological understanding, and ancient Chinese medicine practices. A bioenergetic screening device is a form of this technology (also referred to as EAV or EDS) and has been around for over 50 years. It works by measuring the skin’s electrical properties at specific acupoints that relate to certain organs, thereby helping practitioners clearly understand a client’s health status.

Despite impressive testimonials from patients and practitioners alike, proof of bioenergetic screening’s effectiveness remained largely anecdotal: since the 1950’s, a growing number of people have experienced its effectiveness, but there was no solid clinical foundation to support the technology. As such, bioenergetic screening remained on the fringes of alternative healthcare; similar, in many ways, to the way in which homeopathy and naturopathy were positioned not that long ago.

In the 21st century, however, science has caught up with experience. Bioenergetic Medicine has already gained widespread clinical acceptance, and results are backed by scientifically documented research. It’s because of this that methods such as electro-dermal screening, the quantum body-field approach, and digital homeopathy are now being used in a growing number of health clinics across the world.

The most advanced development in the field of Bioenergetic Medicine is the Asyra AT3. Capable of probeless, non-intrusive full body scans within minutes, as well as producing custom digitally imprinted remedies, it is the realisation of half a century’s development.

Furthermore, it’s uniquely flexible in that it is programmed in accordance with the practitioner’s existing methods. To find out more about the Asyra AT3, visit our sister site www.clinicanaturologica.com by clicking here